“We have always reached the goals that we set at the beginning of our campaign planning process. This ensures that we get a good return on our investment, hence why I will be carry on this year to make it our 6th year in a row working with Paul and the team at Intelligent Data… The data is accurate, effective and the service and support you will get is always informative and delivered in a cheerful manner.”

RoderSales and Marketing Director

“All campaigns that we run when using IDG data go well. The number is right and the business is in existence – what more do you need!”


As a provider of quality data within the business sector, when we require data I know exactly where to go – Intelligent Data give us the data that we require for our marketing campaigns, no matter how specific our requirements are.  Competitive prices along with excellent customer service means that I look forward to working with IDG over the next few years.

Red Cross TrainingData Manager

When working in B2B, data quality and sovereignty is of paramount importance, we’ve already seen this within our initial prospect eMarketing programme. We’ve achieved a 97% deliverability rate from our initial activity, with higher than average OR and CTRs (17.5% and 1% respectively), which are well above Mobile industry standards. “We’ve also started to generate ROMI to help out bottom line, we’ve landed a few sizeable opportunities to our pipeline that run in to the 000’s! It’s up to our commercial team now to convert and do the rest.

E-sayHead of Marketing

I have been exceptionally impressed with the constructive manner in which Intelligent Data have worked with us on a very difficult campaign.

I STRONGLY recommend Intelligent Data to any organisation looking for an email list provider.

James RobertsonBusiness Owner

The team at Intelligent Data were in frequent contact and were always on hand to offer support. They were able to adapt quickly to sometimes rapid changes to Citations data criteria and immediate requests for data.  Data quality has never been an issue with Intelligent Data.

An ROI was achieved quickly working with Intelligent Data and Citation have increased its level of commitment with IDG and are utilising reporting software allowing access to the database allowing the business to move freely, dynamically and with speed.

CitationHead of Data Strategy

I am extremely happy with the service I receive from IDG. I have two main contacts within IDG to help and assist with my campaigns. This ensures I get the best advice from a campaign and commercial point of view and then I have my other contact who provides help and assistance on a technical level too. I have constant contact with my Account Managers before, during and after my campaigns which is reassuring. I also receive a comprehensive report of my campaigns as standard without having to chase this, which has been an issue with other suppliers in the past.


We found that the data and service is of a very high standard and great quality. We have used a number of companies in the past and therefore have a good understanding of what other companies offer and have plenty of examples to benchmark the IDG campaigns against.

Club WembleySales and Marketing

  • Greene_king
  • 4com
  • SME_Insurance.com
  • Wembley
  • ISMM
  • Plimsoll
  • Eden
  • ford
  • red-cross
  • world-pay IDG Customer
  • Equality Human Rights Commision
  • G4S IDG Customer
  • Coca-Cola
  • Capita IDG Customer
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