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 Independent Phone Survey

We believe our results and the awards we’ve won speak for themselves but an independent survey carried out by research specialists Axis Media also named IDG as the UK’s leading data supplier.

The independent audit focussed on five of the top data suppliers in the UK with data randomly provided by list owners or through independent bureaus. The results confirmed the position of Intelligent Data Group as the top performing provider, with our competitors outperformed on every single aspect of the comparison.

Impartial results

The survey was conducted in a manner which was fair to everyone and ensured that the results would truly be unbiased and impartial.

An independent call centre was employed to verify the data, telephone numbers, company, address line 1 & contact names. In addition, the file sources were masked to make certain there could be no influence over the end results.

These measures provided the survey with a degree of independence and impartiality which means that the results really do offer an accurate indication of the performance of data suppliers in the market. And those same results show that Intelligent Data Group (IDG) were the top performing company, surpassing the figures from all of our competitors.

The results in detail

The survey looked at a number of key areas in order to measure the accuracy of the data provided by a number of anonymous data providers.

The data was checked on a number of different levels, including the telephone number, first line of the address and name of the contact. The results were conclusive and showed the following:

  • IDG scored an impressive 99% on telephone connectivity, ranking 2% higher than the average and 4% higher than the worst performing company
  • We connected to the right company far more often than competitors too, scoring 4% more than the average and 14% more than the company who scored the lowest
  • In the all-important area of address accuracy, IDG once again topped the chart, outperforming the average score by 7%
  • The data provided by IDG was shown to be accurate down to the very last detail, with 89% of our contact names correct compared to an average of just 83%.

Believe in the best

The results from this independent survey show that in all areas of data supply, Intelligent Data Group score the most highly, delivering quality results time and time again, guaranteed.

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Image Credits: Environmental Illness Network


Survey Results

Key Points

  • IDG surpassed all our competitors on telephone connectivity, being 2% higher than average
  • We were 4% higher than our average competitor and 14% higher than our worst performing rival for numbers connecting to the right company.
  • IDG topped the board on address accuracy with our addresses being 7% more accurate that our average competitor.
  • Our contact names were 89% accurate compared to just 83% of our average competitor.
Batch % CorrectTelephone % Correct Company % Connect to correct company % Address Line 1 correct % named contact correct
IDG 99% 98% 97% 94% 89%
File 2 98% 95% 95% 90% 88%
File 1 98% 95% 95% 77% 73%
File 3 98% 94% 94% 89% 71%
File 4 95% 83% 84% 86% 73%
Total 97% 93% 93% 87% 83%
  • Greene_king
  • 4com
  • Wembley
  • ISMM
  • Plimsoll
  • Eden
  • ford
  • red-cross
  • world-pay IDG Customer
  • Equality Human Rights Commision
  • G4S IDG Customer
  • Coca-Cola
  • Capita IDG Customer
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