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In the UK last year, companies spent in excess of £1.5 billion on direct mail marketing, a significant investment and a popular marketing option for many businesses. However, research has shown that it’s a route that’s worth considering with 92% of the mail sent being opened by the receiver. (

Instant access

Direct mail has the possibility to deliver excellent results but much depends on the quality of the data. If you don’t have the right contact information, the return on your investment is likely to be poor.

We hold information on over 2 MILLION companies throughout the whole of Britain. More specifically, we can give you access to over 2 MILLION individual contacts – putting you through to the right decision maker every time.

This makes us the experts for mailing and telephone prospects.

Our extensive database covers all business sectors, with contacts ranging from senior management to key individuals in departments such as Telecommunications, IT, Marketing, Sales and Finance.

Guaranteeing quality every time

The data we hold is compared to many of our competitors; this allows us to ensure we hold the most accurate and recent information that is available from any data supplier in the UK.

Accuracy and consistency are crucial elements in any form of direct marketing. Intelligent Data Group supply the most precise, up-to-date information available in the UK business data industry.

You can rely on our data to put you in touch with key contacts – all of whom are open to new marketing and business opportunities. We never fill up our lists with defunct or contacts where we believe there is no chance of success; all of the data provided is of the highest quality and contains information on live and active businesses.

By contrast to the service we provide, using old, inaccurate data lists can cause untold damage to your brand. Many businesses waste precious time and money creating marketing material which is simply never delivered.

Worryingly, it gives the impression your company is out of touch in an age where keeping up-to-date with the latest business developments is so important.

Inaccurate data lists will only increase your costs and decrease your level of success.

Expect the best

Unlike any other data provider in the market IDG will:

  • Carry out over 170,000 verification calls per month
  • Perform full database cleansing & verification every 12 months
  • Guarantee 98% data accuracy
  • Insist every record has a telephone number
  • Only supply live and trading businesses

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To learn more about how we can help your companies mailing and telephone prospects, contact us today by calling  0333 030 6636 or email



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