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Reach the right decision makers with just a click of the mouse through email marketing with IDG.

Fast, efficient and cost effective, it’s one of the best ways to market your brand to thousands of potential clients. With a comprehensive email database, you can instantly reach contacts whether they are in or out of the office.

Unlike direct mail or telephone calls, email marketing is also fully trackable. At Intelligent Data Group, we can tell you who opens the email and what links they follow – information you can then use to follow up your campaign.

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Tips before you send your Email

With no postage or telephone costs to consider, calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) with any email campaign can be very simple. This makes it a very attractive form of direct marketing for any business.

Intelligent Data Group has over 900,000 email addresses on our fully double-opted-in database. This makes our email database the largest of its kind in the UK.

By opting-in, recipient’s are on our database through choice. We have contacted them directly, verified their details and confirmed their opt-in status.

As all our email addresses go through a strict opt-in process which is continually up-dated, our email database is one of the most effective in the marketplace.

We understand the importance of regularly checking our records and that’s why every email address is re-verified every eight weeks. Only the most up to date and freshest data will be passed to you, ensuring that you can make every communication count.

The world of data changes so quickly

Here’s a look at what we do that makes us so effective:

1 We gain positive consent for third party email marketing services directly, contacting decision makers by phone. IDG then retain the verification date of the call for our records.

2 At the end of every call, each contact again confirms they have agreed for their details to be used for third party marketing.

3 We send each positive response confirmation of their opt-in status. This confirms their details and gives them the opportunity to amend them if necessary. They also have the option to unsubscribe or be deleted from our database.

4 Email addresses are re-verified every eight weeks, confirming each contact is happy to remain on our database. Through this process we offer the most accurate opted-in email data in the marketplace and guarantee a hard bounce rate of no more than 5%.

To learn more about our email marketing services please call us on 0333 030 6636 or email

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