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Email marketing campaigns

Running a marketing campaign takes a real investment in terms of money, time and resource so it’s essential to make sure that you optimise the chances of success.

If you have a database which is up to date and accurate, using email can be a remarkably effective tool, slashing the costs and making it much easier for the customer to engage.

There are a number of different advantages to using email such as:

  • Better rate of response than compared to conventional direct marketing means
  • More economical per contact
  • Faster means of reaching the designated target
  • More opportunities for easy interaction
  • Creation of personalised messages without much extra work
Email broadcasting with IDG

Trust IDG with your Email broadcasting


Superior software

The solutions in place at IDG include what we believe is the best software available to deliver results which can’t be beaten.

At Intelligent Data Group we have chosen Experian CheetahMail which is also used by some of the world’s top brands. The platform has established relationships with all main Internet Service Providers which provides significant advantages. This makes sure domain and Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are white listed and emails are delivered successfully. As we use this system with our own email database, we can outperform any other system in the marketplace.

Smart analysis

Through file analysis, IDG can identify key market sectors and trends within your customer base. At every turn we can provide you with business intelligence which allows both your marketing campaigns to develop effectively and your company to grow.

To make things as easy as possible, every IDG client benefits from having a real time log-in. This gives you instant access to your email statistics as soon as the broadcast is delivered. You can then analyse the success of your campaign using the very latest results.

Statistics that deliver

Using our services you will be accessing the most superior database available on the market, with the most up to date results and accurate information. In independent studies, IDG consistently out-perform all competitors in every area.

With a minimum guaranteed connectivity of 95%, a typical click through rate of 5% and an open rate which averages at 15%, the benefits are easy to see.

All email addresses are verified every two months, ensuring that data remains precise and up to date, plus a further 100,000 email addresses are added every three months. This means that you will have access to the freshest contacts and the most active leads in the market.

Join the best

If you want to take advantage of our market-leading service, just get in touch today. You can either give us a call on 0333 030 6636 or email



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