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In the modern world, it’s very possible to collect lots of data but unless you know how to carry out a proper analysis, it’s of little real use.

IDG are experts at providing organisations with insight into their prospect and customer bases which will help more you to make more reliable and informed business decisions regarding acquisition strategies.

Professional data analysis

We can professionally analyse the information you hold to see whether you are making the best use of your resources, and in doing so can help you to target future campaigns more effectively.

Only by comparing and analysing your prospect base thoroughly will you be able to maximise your returns and ensure that you’re targeting the right audience.

Is your business using data driven marketing?

Data Driven Marketing from the Intelligent Data Group

Get more with IntellBase

Here at IDG we do more than just take a quick look at the data you hold; our sophisticated solutions can extract far more information than ever before, giving you in-depth results which are of real use.

Using IntellBase we are able to match and enhance your databases through data-driven marketing which uses a range of variables that will provide market penetration analysis. We will run comparisons on your existing customers to identify lookalike companies who will have a higher propensity to purchase your products and services as they mirror image your existing clients.

Furthermore, we are also able to reaffirm that your existing prospect database matches your client base in terms of company size and sector. Quite often when we match prospect bases and align them to a customer base it shows no correlation between the two, which means your expensive sales team are fishing in the wrong areas wasting resource and more importantly money!

Only by making sure that your prospect base and your customer profiles are in sync will you be able to achieve the optimum return from any marketing campaign.

Complete analysis

In addition to looking at the profile of the customer and company, we also consider other aspects which could be relevant for marketing and planning.

The comprehensive analysis we provide to you will not only show you the size and sector of the company but also the geography, to assist with territory planning.

This allows you to focus your efforts on one area of the country at a time, should you wish to do so.

IntellBase is all about putting you back in control, by providing you with a better understanding of your own data so you can ensure that everything decision you make counts.

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To view an example of an analysis and to plan a way forward for your business call IDG today on 0333 030 6636. We can help your business to focus where you need to with data-driven marketing, you can also e-mail us at

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