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At Intelligent Data Group, we are experts in b2b data driven marketing services. We have one of the UK’s largest databases with the details of over 2 million companies in a range of different sectors and industries.

Direct marketing campaigns

Email is an increasingly popular way to manage a marketing campaign and it offers many advantages but it’s not always the right route to choose, depending on your target customer.

As well as digital marketing we also specialise in traditional mail marketing campaigns where carefully targeted letters are sent to a relevant mail list. These are great for reaching customers such as the elderly who are less likely to engage with emails or other types of communication. Research has shown that more than nine out of ten people open direct mail so it’s still an extremely effective way of communicating with your chosen audience.

Using our business database

Our database can be used for a variety of marketing channels. We take great care to manage our data to ensure it is reliable and useful to our clients.

Every entry on our business database contains a range of information including not just a telephone number and email address where applicable, but other data too. This allows you to narrow down your criteria to make sure your pitch your marketing campaign at the right audience.

Having access to a b2b database which is comprehensive and kept up to date could be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing armoury, allowing you to ensure that every penny you spend has the potential to bring in a return.


The success of any marketing campaign is dependent on the quality of the data provided in the first place.

With information decaying at the rate of approximately 37% per annum, it’s important to ensure that all contact details are still correct. Here at IDG we make more than 170,000 calls every month just checking the details on our database. This means that the data you receive will always be verified and as accurate as possible, giving you the best information available on the market.

In fact, in independent studies carried out, IDG outperformed all other competitors delivering consistently excellent results in every area.

Manage your mail list with Intelligent Data Group

To learn more about how we can help you create and manage effective mail lists for your business then contact us today by calling 0333 030 6636 or email



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