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The Intelligent Data Group (IDG) database of UK Businesses comprises of over 2 million business locations and can be licensed for various applications or integration with your own products and services.

As a data owner we own the rights and title to the data, unlike many of our competitors. Therefore we are able to create bespoke propositions for our licensees to fulfil their individual requirements.

IDG is a flexible and dynamic data owner who are small enough to care but large enough to cope and with this in mind offer a flexible range of licensing options to suits companies of all sizes and budgets.

Accurate data guaranteed

It is imperative when choosing a data provider for your data licensing needs that you are sure the information they will provide is of the highest accuracy within the market place. We provide data that is renowned throughout the industry as unrivalled in terms of accuracy and coverage.

In independent studies where our results were measured against those of our competitors in the market, we consistently outperformed them in every area; see for yourself in detail how we compared against them. Also read up on Intelligent Data Group case studies for further information.

The results will only be as good as the data you hold; decayed information means that you will be wasting money by chasing opportunities that simply don’t exist. By ensuring that you use a database which is kept up to date, with new contacts constantly added you can be certain that you will be able to optimise the results of any campaign you run, as well as being able to target specific groups where required.

Range of industries

Current licensees operate in a diverse range of sectors including:

  • Satellite Navigation
  • Telecommunications
  • Directory Enquiries
  • Mapping & GIS
  • Online Directories
  • Offline Directories
  • Direct Marketing
  • Mobile Apps

The data we hold encompasses a range of different levels including directors and business owners

as well as key contacts in different departments. This information can be licensed for use with your own products and services, ensuring that you optimise the results whilst retaining total control.

We also offer our online website as a white label solution enabling you to service your clients in an online environment. We provide our software and data fully branded with your own company details and logos, an ideal resource for brokers and resellers alike.

Data licensing from Intelligent Data Group

If you would like to discuss business data licensing or white label solutions in further detail please contact us on 0333 030 6636 or email hello@intelldg.co.uk

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