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IntellClean – Effective Data Cleansing

Building up a quality marketing database takes both time and effort but all too often, it is easy to let things slip.

At IDG Intelligent Data Group, we can help you maintain effective and highly accurate information through our data cleaning service which will ensure that what is arguably your company’s most valuable asset is performing to optimum efficiency. 

Sophisticated solutions

By matching your data to IntellBase and updating any inaccurate information, IDG can not only make sure you actively engage with your client base but that your direct marketing activities are reaching the right people, at the right companies at the right time.

Data is only useful if it is accurate, and we can help ensure that names, email addresses and contact numbers are all kept up to date and verified.



Smart solutions for a modern world

Carrying out a data cleaning exercise once will only help you in the short term; in order to be effective it’s imperative to constantly verify the information you hold.

The world of data changes so quickly:

  • Every 6 minutes a business moves location
  • Every 4 minutes another business fails
  • Over 5.7 MILLION business & employee details change each year
  • Over 35% of named business information is incorrect within a year
  • Over 14.7 MILLION entries are registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Over 1.1 million businesses are currently registered with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS)

Under the Fourth Principle of the Data Protection Act, as an organisation you have an obligation to keep data “accurate, and where necessary, up to date”. (Further information about your corporate responsibilities can be found online at the Information Commissioners Office – www.ico.org.uk.) We can help to make sure you fulfil your obligations.

Recent Example

An industrial work wear company delivers 100,000 catalogues per annum to their database at a cost of £1.50 per brochure (includes print, packaging and postage); this is what we found after auditing their database:

  • 101,098 records present on their database
  • 6% goneaways – wastage £13,041
  • 7% had changed address – wastage £4,093.50

Within 24 hours we could immediately cut £17,134.50 from their next marketing campaign. By identifying and isolating the data that had decayed, we were able to provide updated contacts, telephone numbers (for follow up) and also additional companies that mirror imaged their existing client base. Take a look at IntellAnalyse for more information regarding our analytical capabilities that could help with your acquisition and growth strategies.

Claim your free health check today!

To ensure compliance and maximum efficiencies within your organisation, IDG are currently offering a FREE DATABASE HEALTH AUDIT to assess the current accuracy, consistency and completeness of your data. For more information on our data cleansing service please call us on 0333 030 6636 or email hello@intelldg.co.uk.

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