Email Marketing – Levelling the Playing Field for Small Businesses

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Today businesses have access to a wide range of marketing channels including social media and search engines, so why is it that email marketing is still so important?

In 2014, over half of all marketers surveyed by the Direct Marketing Association said they planned to increase spending on email marketing, claiming it offered one of the highest returns on investment. Small businesses in particular have been utilising email as one of their main marketing channels, with many finding that it helps them to close the gap between them and their larger competitors.

Email is still an important marketing tool, especially for SMEs.

Email is still an important marketing tool, especially for SMEs.

Here we’ll take a look at why this somewhat traditional marketing channel is still a valuable part of marketing in 2015.

Useful insights from email campaigns

One of the key benefits of having a strong email marketing campaign is that a lot can be learnt from it. Compared to other channels, such as television advertising, email marketing can provide small businesses with valuable insights regarding the success or failure of their efforts.

With all sorts of information from opening rates and conversions to data regarding the devices used to read emails, small businesses can learn a lot about their customers and use this information to create even more effective marketing campaigns in the future.

Email marketing campaigns are relatively quick and easy to create, not to mention low cost.

Email marketing campaigns are relatively quick and easy to create, not to mention low cost.

Email marketing is quick, cheap and easy

Not every small business has access to an in-house marketing team, meaning that some marketing resources are simply out of their reach. The good news is that email isn’t one of them.

As a low cost marketing channel, all small businesses can utilise it. With the help of online software like MailChimp, they can also easily and quickly create effective marketing emails, giving them plenty of time to spend on other core business activity too.

The accessibility of email marketing to small businesses is one of the ways it levels the playing field and helps them to compete with larger businesses in their industries.

Email marketing improves their overall marketing strategies

A final reason why email marketing is so valuable to small businesses is that it makes them better marketers. In order to create effective campaigns, they must pay close attention to their target demographics, so they can define and segment their contacts and create better-targeted emails.

The skills developed through the in-depth analysis required to create strong email marketing campaigns can be used throughout numerous marketing channels from SEO and PPC to social media and direct marketing.

Small businesses may have a tough time competing with larger businesses online but email marketing sure helps to level the playing field and give them the chance to make their marketing efforts count. Contact Intelligent Data Group at or call 0333 030 6636 to discuss how we could help your business level the playing field.


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